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(Open-faced Sandwiches by John)

“Smørrebrød, directly translated from Danish, means buttered bread, but that does not describe these pieces of flavourful art in the least.  Starting out with one piece of whole-grain rye bread, it is buttered and topped with, for instance, shrimps, smoked salmon, herring, fish fillets, liver pâté , roast beef, roast pork, ham, and/or cheese.  This is then typically complemented with some vegetables and herbs such as dill or parsley, thinly sliced cucumber and lemon, as well as tomato wedges and/or pickled beets.  Mayonnaise, or mayonnaise-based dressings often top off the sandwich and the mixtures of flavours come together to create the full experience.” (John McCaughan Christensen, 2011)

Open-Faced Sandwich Options:

Shrimps                 $5.95

Shrimps and Egg   $5.25

Smoked Salmon     $5.95

Roast Beef             $4.50

Roast Pork              $4.50

Ham                        $4.50

Other Sandwiches:

Rullepolse (Spiced Pork)                     $5.50

Liverpâté                                              $4.50

Liverpâté and Corned Beef                  $4.50

Egg and Tomato                                   $3.50

Havarti Cheese                                     $3.95

Esrum Cheese                                      $4.95

Camembert Cheese                              $4.95

Additional selections                      By request

Each sandwich consists of half a slice of bread.
and delivery are not included in prices.
Minimum order of 24 sandwiches (pick-up or delivery)


Small Herring Bowl              
  (white or curried herring)

Medium Herring Bowl            
  (white or curried herring)

Large Herring Bowl        
  (white or curried herring)

Basket of Rye Bread - Small
  (serves 10 people)

Basket of White Bread - Small
  (serves 10 people)

Mixed basket of Bread - Small
  (serves 10 people)

Basket of Rye Bread - Large
  (serves 20 people)

Basket of White Bread - Large 
  (serves 20 people)

Mixed basket of Bread - Large 
  (serves 20 people)

Cheese Platter - small
  (serves 10-15 people)

Cheese Platter - large
  (serves 20-25 people)

Premium Cheese Platter - small
  (serves 10-15 people)

Premium Cheese Platter - large
  (serves 20-25 people)

Vegetable Platter - small
  (serves 10-15 people)

Vegetable Platter - large
  (serves 20-25 people)

Extra bowl of dip         

















Baked Goodies

Danish Pastry (Wienerbrød):

Stick (approx. 10 slices)    $9.95

Kringle (approx. 20 slices)  $35.95

Almond Cake (kransekage):

Extra Small (10 tiers)        $150.00

Small (12 tiers)                $165.00

Medium (14 tiers)             $180.00

Large (18 tiers)                $200.00


You may prefer to have a full buffet instead of, or as well as, your sandwich platters.  We offer a the following buffets as well.

Herring Cold Table

A selection of marinated herring, smoked salmon, mackerel and smoked oysters as well as sauces and condiments for each.  

$8.95 per person

Scandinavian Buffet

With most of what is included in a Herring Cold Table, a Scandinavian Buffet also includes platters of Open-Faced Sandwiches.

$16.95 per person

A service charge will be added to the order of either buffet if set-up is required.


50 cents per kilometer


Orders may be picked up at no charge from our base in Markham, conveniently located off Highway 404, on Elgin Mills Road. 
Please call for the exact address.

July 2014

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